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Jack Koetting recently retired, and his career includes over 30 yrs in the retail industry.   He managed his family’s supermarket operation for over 20 yrs,  and in 1999, was elected President of the Missouri Retail Grocers Assn.  That same year, he entered the home based business and network marketing arena.

After the sudden loss of his 19yr old son to heart disease, Jack became very passionate about wellness and prevention, which led him to his affiliation with Unicity International, and was the motivation for the publication of an online article on cholesterol reduction.

In his ten plus years in the network marketing industry,  he has built teams with Unicity International, Body By ViGo Foods. and Stratus Network.

Jack considers himself both a student and a teacher in the arena of online marketing and personal growth, always anxious to learn.  And transferring that knowledge to benefit the teams he is working with, has become a passion as well.  If you would like to work with Jack, just use one of the contact methods shown below.


Jack is also a musician, when he’s not building his online business.  He has  played piano for over 50 years, and in 1970 received a Bachelors of Music Education degree from Southeast Missouri State University.   He also plays saxophone and upright bass.


Contact Info

Jack Koetting

Email:  jack@jackkoetting.com

Skype:  jackkoetting1

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/jackkoetting1

Solavei Community:  jackkoetting

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