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Inbound Marketing – Changing the Face of Network Marketing


That’s a good question, and if you’re a networker, maybe this post will assist you.


Inbound marketing is a fairly new term, but one you will be hearing more and more about.  If you are in the internet marketing or network marketing industry, you better make it a point to learn about what it is, and how it works, because I feel it is changing the way internet and network marketing is done.

Perhaps by drawing a comparison to traditional recruiting and lead generation techniques, which we refer to as outbound marketing, we can gain a clearer understanding of what inbound marketing is.  Things like infomercials, newspaper ads, sending out dvds, traditional cold calling of prospects, even hotel meetings depend on interruption of a prospects time.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, encompasses more of what Seth Godin calls “permission marketing”, including things like social networking sites, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  Creation of websites and blogs, to provide relevant content for potential customers/business partners you’re trying to attract, also falls within that realm.  In addition, relationship building plays an integral part of inbound marketing.  True, it is part of outbound as well, but is more in the follow-up phase of the process.  Finally, don’t forget the importance of search engine optimization, known as SEO, to get higher rankings on Google and other search engines, because when your prospect is looking, you want to be found.

Where outbound marketing is like throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks, inbound marketing counts on attraction by a tightly targeted group of people.

Webinars, or presentations over the internet, could be considered both, depending on whether with a fixed time frame is perhaps an interruption, or with a flex time component, is part of the discovery or evaluation process.


Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing | Inbound Marketing If you are reading on the internet about new marketing strategies, I am sure you have heard the term “inbound marketing” thrown around. Inbound marketing is more of an approach rather than a new marketing service.


What are the pros and cons of inbound marketing?  The pros are that in most cases, the cost factor is much less than outbound marketing.  Another obvious pro is that you’re attracting people instead of coercing them.  You’ll also be taking advantage of growing trends, instead of declining ones as the infographic below represents.  Appealing to a highly targeted prospect who already has an interest in your product or business opportunity, is certainly an advantage over traditional methods.



As far as the cons, one would have to admit that, in most cases, it takes longer to get results with inbound vs outbound marketing.  Besides that, being willing to learn, and do inbound marketing, will require more effort and education than knocking on someone’s door and handing them a DVD.

You Oughta Know Inbound Marketing HubSpot’s Rebecca Corliss sings her heart out about the horrible life of an outbound marketer. What’s Inbound Marketing? http Credits: Rebecca Corliss (@repcor): Lyrics and Vocals David Fisher (@tibbon): Accompaniment and Music Recording …


The old ways still work, especially if you’re lucky or determined enough to find the right person, at the right time, with a strong “why”, with the resources,… but it’s getting harder and harder to do it that way.  And I truly believe that way is slowly fading away.   It seems today’s network marketer needs to be aware of the benefits of inbound marketing.  That means being connected with Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites.  They also may need a blog, and go after Google rankings, as well as keep working on their relationship building skills.  As Harry Caray might have said, “Holy cow! It’s a brand new ballgame out there.”

Reachin’ Out to Fellow Bloggers

Let me help you

I just discovered something pretty awesome. If you’re new to the world of blogging as I am, there is great help out there, especially from people in your niche.

I recently purchased a blogging course by Ty Tribble, the #1 blogger in my niche of network marketing, called MLM Blog Secrets. This is a great introduction to the world of blogging, and if you’re a marketer, how to make money from it.

But it was through one of his suggestions in the course that I made my discovery.  One way you get better is to visit and read other people’s blogs on similar subjects, and make meaningful comments on their posts.  I was doing this the other day and came across Heather Stephens for the first time.  This particular post was on the importance of copywriting, and she was offering her cheat sheet of favorite words and phrases.

The download was very helpful to me, (you can get it here for free) and after reading and commenting on another of her posts, this time about setting up a do-follow blog, she emailed me and helped me through establishing my own blog as a do follow.  She and others I have met through this routine, have demonstrated a sense of community and providing value to fellow bloggers.

It’s neat to be a part of that.   If you agree, feel free to comment, and tweet or share on facebook.

Ty Tribble Shares His Blogging Expertise

Ty Tribble - Top MLM Blogger!

If you’re looking for a great way to build your network or internet marketing business quickly and in a professional manner, you need to check out the informative videos and training that Ty Tribble has just made available through the Renegade Network Marketer organization.  In addition to being one of the top affiliates of the Renegade System, Ty has the distinction of being the number one blogger on the subject of network marketing.  The instructional series is introduced first, by four FREE videos called Blogging for Prospects.

Following his own advice of giving away valuable content, this merely whets the appetite for the first release in the series entitled MLM Blog Secrets.  In 3 easy to follow modules, Ty uses a combination visual presentation, a pdf reference sheet,  and a click by click tutorial, that covers

1.  Getting Started

2.  Creating Content

3.  Getting Traffic

For those that have never attempted blogging, but want to learn how to do it right, I highly suggest you do what I did.  Get your hands on MLM Blog Secrets.  Two weeks ago I hardly knew what a blog was.  Now thanks to Ty, I’m using it to build my internet marketing business.

And if you master the principles described in MLM Blog Secrets, and want to take your blogging to the next level, then the sequel entitled MLM Blog Code by Ty Tribble, is the next logical step.

Who would have thought that “voice” was important in blogging?

I certainly wasn’t aware of it.  But I read a great blogpost on CopyBlogger by Joy Tanksley today about not only finding your voice, but making every effort to make sure that your voice shines through in what you write.  She lists 4 distinct steps coupled with suggestions or action steps.   According to Joy, they are

1. Flow

2. Writing How You Talk

3. It’s OK to  Suspend Some Normal English Rules

4. Write What You Know

In a style that includes wit and wisdom,  combined with her middle school teaching experience, Joy Tanksley has put together very useful information for anyone  looking to find their “voice”.