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How to Become the Leader You Need to Be

a leader attracts others and points the way

Being a good leader means attracting others and guiding them toward success.

Would you like to be the type of leader that not only other people follow, but are initially attracted to?  If so, in this post, you’ll discover how just one little 5 letter word can be used to provide the inspiration to become, as the US Army slogan says, “all you can be.”  Or at least a better leader than you are today.


John Maxwell writes extensively on leadership, and what he feels are its attributes and principles.  Some time ago, I read an article by him in which he referred to that little 5 letter word, and it has stuck with me.

If I say the word, “ordinary” – what kind of picture does that produce in your mind?

Something that’s OK, or not bad, maybe, but certainly, not very exciting, right?

But what if I say the word, “extraordinary”.  Notice how that changes the picture for you.  That is something you could get excited about, and so could others, especially in terms of leadership.  And the difference is all contained in those 5 little letters.

Become a better leader by concentrating on the "extra" things

Five Letters That Can Make a Difference In Leaders


When it comes to leadership, you can move from ordinary to extraordinary by concentrating on the five “extra” letters, and by choosing to do the “extra” things other people choose not to do.  But as John Maxwell tells us, they don’t have to be big things in order to make that difference.

Choosing to do the extra things has the power to transform common, usual, boring, normal, and  average,


uncommon, special, amazing, incredible, and above average.

According to John, the difference separating the two is more often exaggerated in our minds, than it is in action or performance.  Sometimes what we think of as a miniscule separation in execution can actually be monumental in term of results.  John uses the example of the elapsed time of an Olympic champion over his nearest competitor to show the difference between wearing the Gold Medal and not.  Can the slightest of margins change your ordinary life to become extraordinary?


What are some of the little “extras” that can help you make that change?  How about:

* extra effort – doing more than what’s required.  What are you willing to pay for success?

* extra time – investing your most valuable resource to improve yourself.  What are you willing to give up for success?

* help – seeking the wisdom and counsel of those who have gone before .  What are you willing to learn for success?

One might say, it’s really all about going the “extra mile”, when others don’t or won’t.

Dick and Rick Hoyt – THE EXTRA MILE

This is a video Rory made for the song “The Extra Mile”. Set to the inspirational story of the father/son team Dick and Rick Hoyt…this is a powerful message to all of us. Joey adn Rory’s friends Paul Sikes & Bonnie Baker wrote the song and the sing…


Putting out a little more effort, investing a little more time, and seeking help when it calls for it, can move you faster on the road to success.   I once heard it said that the distance between ordinary and extraordinary is measured in a tea cup, not a wine barrel.  Following John’s advice can help you become the type of leader you need to be – one that others will respect and follow.

For more wisdom from John, read his book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

To your success!




Og Mandino, business philosopher and man of action

Og Mandino, personal development author and business philosopher

Recently I was re-reading some articles from previous years issues of Success magazine, and I came across an article on Og Mandino.  I was impressed with his story of how he went from a drunken failure to become a great life and business philosopher, and author who influenced millions of lives.   So I figured I would share my thoughts for people out there who had not heard of him.


Og, which is a nickname for Augustine, was born in 1923.  He originally had great dreams, but they were interrupted when his mother died suddenly.  This shock caused him to abandon his plans for college, and instead enlisted in the armed forces as a pilot.  It was here that he met and became friends with a fellow pilot who went on to become famous in Hollywood.  Do you know who?  (answer at the end of this post).

Afterwards, he got married, and attempted to make it in the world of insurance sales.  This was a time of tremendous failure for him, and soon his frustration led him to a drinking problem, which ended up costing him his wife and child.  At one point, he even contemplated suicide.

Think of that –  one of the great business philosophers of this century, was just one step away from making a difference in NO one’s life.


As he told it, Providence intervened and directed him away from the gun at the pawn shop, to a library nearby where he discovered the world of self-development, motivation and success.  He turned this early discovery into a routine and lifestyle of pursuit of the principles and guidelines for achieving success from reading hundreds of books by many different authors.

Is this a step you would consider as part of your payment for success?

He re-entered the world of insurance again, this time working for one of his mentors, W. Clement Stone.  This time though, having learned some very important lessons, he was determined not to fail.

Sometimes that’s all it takes.  Desire, and the determination for action to make it happen.


This time, he didn’t fail.  Promotion followed promotion, and soon he was putting into words his own philosophies of success, as he developed into a personal development author in his own right.


His most famous book of the 19 he wrote, was The Greatest Salesman in the World.  The wisdom in this book is contained in the 10 scrolls for successful selling and successful living.  Each scroll contained a principle to be applied in one’s life.  They are

1.  I begin a new life.

2.  I will greet this day with love in my heart.

3.  I will persist until I succeed.

4.  I am nature’s greatest miracle.

5.  I will live this day as if it is my last.

6.  Today I will be master of my emotions.

7.  I will laugh at the world.

8.  Today I will multiply my value a hundredfold.

9.  I will act now.   I will act now.  I will act now.

10.  I will pray for guidance.

As you can see by #10, Og Mandino was a spiritual man, and considered The Bible as one of the 12 greatest inspirational and self-help books ever written.  He was a man of action, and he believed that everyone was unique, and deserved the opportunity to struggle for success.  After all, he was able to turn his life around, and he believed that everyone with the desire to do so, could if they applied action to their dreams and aspirations.

Og Mandino – Make YOUR Life Worth Remembering

Og Mandino died in 1996 at the age of 72, but not before changing the lives of many people who heard him speak or read his books.

Treasure House Within You: Now is a Time


I will act now. Success will not wait. If I delay, success will become wed to another and lost to me forever. This is the time. This is the place. I am the person. Og Mandino. By Geophrey A. Tenganamba:

If you’ve read The Greatest Salesman in the World or any other books by Og Mandino, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.  And the guy who became a Hollywood legend – Jimmy Stewart. 

For other books and videos on business philosophy and success, please check out my Success Resources Store.

Jack Koetting






Time for a Reunion?

Reunions are for renewing relationships


Anyone that has checked out my “About” page, has discovered that I’m a part time musician.  I’ve played piano for over 50 years now, with various bands and combos.  And this past weekend, I rehearsed with a former band that hadn’t played together for over 23 years.

We were surprised at how much we remembered of the songs, and it was great just getting together and playing with each other again.  The reason for the rehearsal?  Our upcoming “Key West” reunion concert this summer.  “The Keys West” was the name of the band.  It was a part time gig for all of us then too, but we were a fairly popular band back then, at least in our local area.


So it got me to thinking, that maybe the reunion idea could be applied on a personal level to a network marketing business as well.

How, you might ask?

Well, a reunion implies re-establishing relationships from the past, right?  Time has a way of putting distance between people, especially as direct contact diminishes.  And everybody knows that network marketing is a business of relationships and relationship building.

Even if you’re committed to the new method of building your business mostly online, there are still ways to accomplish this.

10 Methods to Grow Your MLM Or Mlm Business Online


Creating your Mlm business on line is not necessary but ordinarily during your Network marketing trip you’ll discover yourself out of qualified prospects plus your comfortable market as you know it exhausted. This of course introduces that you by no. It may not be about spamming those with your chance but trying to find great relationships that you can learn more about and come to be a live discussion. Find out about their enterprise, see how you may enable them to, and say to

How long has it been since you reached out and actually talked with some of the people a little further downlinein your organization?

No,  I’m not talking about the voicemail blast that you sent out last week.  But actually picking up the phone, and trying to connect again with some of the minor team members in your organization.  Your success depends on the teamwork you develop.

MLM TEAM RELATIONSHIP Business MLM is a team relationship mentoring Tom Big Al Schreider Art Jonak Lilly Kremer Pets Wildlife Animals winalite Agel Alticor Amsoil Amway Quixtar BioPerformance Cobra Group Deutsche Vermögensberatung Discovery Toys Equinox Internatio…

When you reach out to them, try to determine where they’re at in the life of their business.   What did they want to accomplish, and have they?   Are they still using the products or service?  If they kind of “fell away”, do you know why?    Is there any assistance you can offer that will get them engaged again?

reach out to build relationships

Reach out to build relationships

Just some of the things that you might learn, if you can make the time and effort to reach out again.  They’ll probably appreciate just hearing from you.  And there’s a possibility that it could end up being a win-win.

So with that in mind – is it reunion time for you too?

If you found this information helpful, please comment below, and/or share it with others on Facebook or Twitter.  To work with me in network marketing, check out the banners on the right.

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Leadership – Reflections on Coach John Wooden’s Wisdom

John Wooden, coach and mentor

John Wooden - Coach and Philosopher


Believe me it’s been a long, long time since I stepped out on the court to compete in the game of basketball.  In fact, I really only played one year in high school.  I was a skinny kid, and not very good, so the next year I opted for jazz band instead, which steered me to my eventual degree in music.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t understand the game and the strategies.  My court heroes at the time were names like Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Jerry West, Bob Pettit, and Elgin Baylor.  (Am I showing my age?)  The responsibility of implementing and teaching those strategies, from the bench at UCLA, was another person that was making a name for himself,  Coach John Wooden.

John Wooden

John Robert Wooden (born October 14, 1910) is a retired American basketball coach. He is a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame as both a player (class of 1961) and as a coach (class of 1973). He was the first person ever enshrined in both categorie…

Direction On and Off the Court

John Wooden lived to be almost 100 years old and was one of the winning-est coaches in college basketball.  But coach John Wooden wasn’t only a success in the game of basketball, he was also a success in the game of life.  He was a positive thinker, an innovator, and a motivator that was able to transform his command of the game into other areas outside basketball.

Advice From Dad

He was often heard quoting the “two sets of three” which he said he learned from his father.  “Never lie, never cheat, never steal” and “don’t whine, don’t complain, don’t make excuses”.  Timeless advice still today.  And certainly things that can be applied to entrepreneurs in their business endeavors.
John Wooden was also known to have carried in his wallet a piece of paper given to him by his father that contained the following advice:
Be true to yourself.
Make each day your masterpiece.
Help others.
Drink deeply from good books.
Make friendship a fine art.
Build shelter against a rainy day.
Pray for guidance and give thanks for your blessings every day.

The 9 Self Promises

John Wooden was certainly given good advice from his father, but John also came up with some pretty good insight and leadership principles on his own, which he followed and taught.  John imparted some of his leadership wisdom through the written word.  Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success: Building Blocks For a Better Life
and Wooden on Leadership: How to Create a Winning Organization
showcased his ability as an author.   John Wooden felt that if you made the following 9 promises to yourself, you would be well on your way in your pursuit of happiness in life.  They are:
1.  Promise yourself that you will talk health, happiness and prosperity as often as possible.
2.  Promise yourself to make all your friends know there is something in them that is special that you value.3. Promise yourself to think only of the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best in yourself and others.4.  Promise yourself to be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.

5.  Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.

6.  Promise yourself to forget the mistakes of the past, and press on to greater achievements in the future.

7.  Promise yourself to wear a cheerful appearance at all times, and give every person you meet a smile.

8.  Promise yourself to give so much time improving yourself that you have no time to criticize others.

9.  Promise yourself to be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit trouble to press on you.

John Wooden: Coaching for people, not points With profound simplicity, Coach John Wooden redefines success and urges us all to pursue the best in ourselves. In this inspiring talk he shares the advice he gave his players at UCLA, quotes poetry and remembers his father’s wisdom.TEDTa…

An Example To Follow

Leadership is all about setting an example to inspire others to achieve their individual and team goals.  We as leaders would do well to make these nine self promises, and see how far it takes us.  It’s not about being the MVP on the basketball court. It’s about using leadership to develop teamwork that produces lasting results – something Coach John Wooden was very, very good at.

Patience and Persistence – Business Tips from the Bible

Image via Flickr

Are you willing to do what it takes, for as long as it takes?  You see, patience is  not only a virtue, it’s also a bit of practical business advice that you can discover by reading the Bible.  I’m reasonably certain it’s not the only one.  In fact, patience is often linked with persistence.  Also, the passage from the Bible I’m citing is probably not the only one, or maybe even the best example of combined patience and persistence.

But for those that haven’t found the business success they’re seeking, either in their career, or in the online marketing world,  this leadership trait of being willing to do what it takes, as long as it takes, I think is exemplified in this story.


The Bible reading is taken from chapter 29 in the book of Genesis, and finds Jacob on a journey that ends at the home of his uncle, and where he first meets Rachel, who will eventually become his bride.  He wanted her so much that he would offer to work seven years for his uncle if he would grant his consent.  At the end of the seven years, his uncle, because of a curious provision in the law, deceives him into marrying his eldest daughter first.  Undaunted, he accepts his fate, yet offers to work an additional seven years in order to marry Rachel also.  (Multiple marriages were common back then).


Now, I’m no Bible scholar, and I’m betting that a lot of people would have thought he was crazy to do that, but that sure sounds like patience and persistence in order to get what one really wants.  It’s true that he only had to wait a couple of weeks after his first marriage, in order to marry Rachel – still, he kept his agreement to work for his uncle the rest of the seven years.  Guess you might say that integrity was important to him as well, as it should be for those aspiring to be true leaders in their organizations.



In order to be successful in your career, do you know what needs to be done?  What actions to take?  What skills you need to acquire?  What knowledge you need to learn?

Brian Tracy – Persistence, Entrepreneurs, & Millionaires Brian Tracy talks about how failure is to be expected before you reach success.


Inspirational Quotes On Persistence – Impossible Is Nothing

Inspirational Quotes On Persistence · 48 Comments. Share. Email. Earn. By Lockerz · ↑ Grab this Headline Animator. <. Trust Yourself ! No man with a man’s heart in him, gets far on his way without

Once you know what needs to be done,  are you willing to do what it takes for as long as it takes?  Do you have the internal passion to drive you past all the naysayers?  Do you have the discipline to direct yourself, before directing others?  Do you believe something valuable is worth waiting for?  Is your “why” strong enough to sustain you to the end?  Is your motto, “Never give up!?”

Patience and persistence are yours if you can answer “yes” to these questions.  And you are well on your way to being an example to follow as you work toward, and lead others to business success.


Leadership – What Makes a Good Leader in Network Marketing

Image via Flickr


Leadership – a necessary skill if you’re to develop a team and have a chance to attain success in the network marketing industry.  A leader must have followers.  And a leader must do certain things to be a good leader.  Are you a leader?  Do you know what’s required  in order to be the type of leader others look up to?

If not, perhaps I can provide some insight.  My mentor, Steve Shook, recently hosted a leadership training event, in which he discussed what he called the 10 Attributes of a Good Leader in Network Marketing.

Ten Attributes of A Network Marketing Leader

  1. Have a goal larger than those you lead. Your downline needs to know you’re planning for the future, and want to bring them success.
  2. Have a greater and more positive attitude that those you are leading.
  3. Accept responsibility, and be willing to admit your mistakes.
  4. Make positive decisions.  Always strive to do the right thing.  (For more on this point, click Make the Right Choice)
  5. Put those you’re leading first.  They will work harder when they realize your goal is their success.  (People don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.)
  6. Lead by example.  Don’t just tell them – work with them and show them.  This sets the right example for your downline.  (Check out the leadership lesson from the dancing guy video at the end of this post.)
  7. Commit to integrity and character.  Yes, character does matter.  Your downline will have confidence in you if they see you doing the right thing.
  8. Strive for excellence in everything.  You may not get there, but you should strive for it, nonetheless.
  9. Improve personal growth and development.  Work as hard on yourself as you do on your career.  Seek knowledge. (An excellent source is Jim Rohn.)
  10.  Must have high level of persistence and determination.  In network marketing, it’s very easy to quit.  Do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes.  In fact, I’m reminded of a quote on a website featuring inspirational quotes that goes like this:

Success is failure turned inside out –

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,

And you never can tell how close you are,

It may be near when it seems afar,

So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit –

It’s when things seem worst that YOU MUSTN’T QUIT!


First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

Official transcript at — If you’ve learned a lot about leadership and making a movement, then let’s watch a movement happen, start to finish, in under 3 minutes, and dissect some lessons: A leader needs the guts to stand alone and look r…


Do u lead by example with only the best interest of another individual as yr motivation? Read more here

Another perspective

2012 January 09 – Leadership Freak – Helping leaders reach higher in 300 words or less

Successful leaders exhibit these 30 qualities, behaviors, and skills. Which leadership qualities do you find most important. Which qualities/behaviors did we miss. Item one is first because it’s most important. The rest are listed randomly.


Leadership can take many forms, but you must provide the right example that will attract others to follow you.  I’m looking for other leaders.  Become the leader in you!  For books on leadership, check out the SUCCESS RESOURCES link at the top of the page.

Jack Koetting