Neat Tool for Creating Videos Without a Camera

So you need to make a video, but you don’t have a camera, huh?  Good news – I have a solution for you.

I recently discovered a way that you can put together a video with  less than an hours worth of effort.  It’s called Animoto, and you can sign up for a free account with them.  The free account allows you to make up to a 30 sec video.  If you need to make it longer, you’ll have to upgrade to a $30 annual fee.  But hey, experiment with the free version first.

Basically it works like this. There are just 3 steps.

1. You pick a format & start pulling in the images or video clips you want to appear, adding text blocks to explain or connect the images.  When you have it arranged in the order you want, you’re ready for step 2.

2.  This is where you choose the music track that will accompany your video.  You can  select from over 100 tracks in their library with categories like hip hop, classical, jazz, popular, and new releases.  Alternately you can download music from your computer IF you are the creator or have permission from the creator to use it.  I don’t want you to get in trouble with the copyright police.  There is a preview button that lets you listen to about 15-20 seconds of each track.  When you got the right music, press the save.

3. Finalization – this is where you add the title and  description for those that will view it.  After you enter the information, you’re done.  Click the finalize button, and Animoto takes it from there.  After the rendering process is complete, Animoto sends you an email to let you know that your video is ready to view, and put out there for others to see.

Here’s one I made using Animoto.  Car Buyer Club – Simple Steps to Making Money

The title screen and credits were added by using Microsoft Movie Maker, but I’ll leave that for another day.

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