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I just discovered something pretty awesome. If you’re new to the world of blogging as I am, there is great help out there, especially from people in your niche.

I recently purchased a blogging course by Ty Tribble, the #1 blogger in my niche of network marketing, called MLM Blog Secrets. This is a great introduction to the world of blogging, and if you’re a marketer, how to make money from it.

But it was through one of his suggestions in the course that I made my discovery.  One way you get better is to visit and read other people’s blogs on similar subjects, and make meaningful comments on their posts.  I was doing this the other day and came across Heather Stephens for the first time.  This particular post was on the importance of copywriting, and she was offering her cheat sheet of favorite words and phrases.

The download was very helpful to me, (you can get it here for free) and after reading and commenting on another of her posts, this time about setting up a do-follow blog, she emailed me and helped me through establishing my own blog as a do follow.  She and others I have met through this routine, have demonstrated a sense of community and providing value to fellow bloggers.

It’s neat to be a part of that.   If you agree, feel free to comment, and tweet or share on facebook.

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