Success Does Not Take Commitment

April Fools!  That’s right. Today, April 1, here in the U S (I don’t know about other countries) is the only day when it’s ok to tell a white lie, fib, or stretch the truth.

So for the other 364 days per year in your business life, let me set the record straight.  Commitment is just one of the traits, skills, or prerequisites for the attainment of success.  Some others that come immediately to mind are perseverance, leadership, a deep seated “why” or passion, and a desire to help others in addition to yourself.

True, you must first have the desire for success, but desire alone is not enough.  Because we know that success doesn’t come to just anyone, we also believe that the road may have some bumps along the way.  And it’s the attitude of “I’ll do whatever it takes for as long as it takes” that defines commitment, and sets one apart.

If success is your goal in any aspect of life, commit to it, and believe that you will get it.  The following video may keep you inspired.

To your success!


My Commitment To Success

Many times staying focused on our commitments is difficult in a busy world. So I created this video vision board as something can be watched everyday to keep thoughts and emotions flowing in the “right” direction. Of course, this video depicts a male…


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