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3 Benefits of Developing Teamwork in Your Organization

Came across this video, and as I’m a piano player myself, I certainly enjoyed  it.  But I realized that it was also a demonstration of teamwork.  Whether you’re playing the bottom of the piano or the top, you have to be aware of what the other is doing so you can be in sync or rhythm  together.    Developing teamwork within your organization is like that, and provides rewards  in several different ways.

1. It keeps everyone on the same page.  If everyone is focused on the same goal, good things happen.

2. It helps by showing the relationship of each one’s efforts to the overall effectiveness of the team or organization.

3. It creates a sense of community or belonging.

Every one brings different strengths and qualities to the table.  As leaders of our organizations, our success will come from relationships, training and example.  True, attaining that synergy is sometimes like “herding cats” as Jim Rohn once said.  But if you can accomplish it, it’s a beautiful thing.

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