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Leptin’s Role in Weight Loss

Lose the Fat

Whether you realize it or not, your head, and specifically your brain, has more to do with your weight loss success than your stomach does.  And we’re not just talking about “will power”.

The brain is the place where your satiety center resides.  And one of the control factors is a hormone called leptin.  The body is a remarkable machine, and if left to it’s own devices, will work hard to maintain a healthy weight.

Leptin, which is released from stored fat, tells the brain that,  as far as eating is concerned, you’re satisfied.  But, because of diets high in fat and simple sugars, etc, the delicate balance that allows leptin to communicate with the satiety center in the brain is upset, and what happens is, the shut off hunger signal is not received, and so we keep on eating, (or should I say over-eating).  This is known as leptin resistance.

To keep the leptin path clear and communicating normally when you’re trying to lose weight, here are a few suggestions

* drink plenty of water

* increase your exercise

* increase your fiber intake

* avoid food choices that cause your insulin levels to remain elevated. (Higher levels of insulin in the bloodstream interfere with leptin’s message to the brain).

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