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Time for a Reunion?

Reunions are for renewing relationships


Anyone that has checked out my “About” page, has discovered that I’m a part time musician.  I’ve played piano for over 50 years now, with various bands and combos.  And this past weekend, I rehearsed with a former band that hadn’t played together for over 23 years.

We were surprised at how much we remembered of the songs, and it was great just getting together and playing with each other again.  The reason for the rehearsal?  Our upcoming “Key West” reunion concert this summer.  “The Keys West” was the name of the band.  It was a part time gig for all of us then too, but we were a fairly popular band back then, at least in our local area.


So it got me to thinking, that maybe the reunion idea could be applied on a personal level to a network marketing business as well.

How, you might ask?

Well, a reunion implies re-establishing relationships from the past, right?  Time has a way of putting distance between people, especially as direct contact diminishes.  And everybody knows that network marketing is a business of relationships and relationship building.

Even if you’re committed to the new method of building your business mostly online, there are still ways to accomplish this.

10 Methods to Grow Your MLM Or Mlm Business Online


Creating your Mlm business on line is not necessary but ordinarily during your Network marketing trip you’ll discover yourself out of qualified prospects plus your comfortable market as you know it exhausted. This of course introduces that you by no. It may not be about spamming those with your chance but trying to find great relationships that you can learn more about and come to be a live discussion. Find out about their enterprise, see how you may enable them to, and say to

How long has it been since you reached out and actually talked with some of the people a little further downlinein your organization?

No,  I’m not talking about the voicemail blast that you sent out last week.  But actually picking up the phone, and trying to connect again with some of the minor team members in your organization.  Your success depends on the teamwork you develop.


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When you reach out to them, try to determine where they’re at in the life of their business.   What did they want to accomplish, and have they?   Are they still using the products or service?  If they kind of “fell away”, do you know why?    Is there any assistance you can offer that will get them engaged again?

reach out to build relationships

Reach out to build relationships

Just some of the things that you might learn, if you can make the time and effort to reach out again.  They’ll probably appreciate just hearing from you.  And there’s a possibility that it could end up being a win-win.

So with that in mind – is it reunion time for you too?

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Relationships Are the Key

Newsflash!  Relationships are the key to success in any business endeavor.  OK,  not exactly an earth-shattering announcement.  But true, nonetheless.  In fact, one might argue that the statement is just common sense.  After all, regardless of the type of business or industry you’re in, how well you get along with people will be a big determining factor of how well you succeed.

But if your business or industry is in the networking or internet marketing arena,  the advice is even more pertinent.  And in fact, we can expand it to not only how well you get along with people in general, but specifically how you build relationships with the right people that can further your career and/or income potential.

Bottom line, the better your relationships with those that are a positive influence on you, the more likely you will be a business success story.

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3 Benefits of Developing Teamwork in Your Organization

Came across this video, and as I’m a piano player myself, I certainly enjoyed  it.  But I realized that it was also a demonstration of teamwork.  Whether you’re playing the bottom of the piano or the top, you have to be aware of what the other is doing so you can be in sync or rhythm  together.    Developing teamwork within your organization is like that, and provides rewards  in several different ways.

1. It keeps everyone on the same page.  If everyone is focused on the same goal, good things happen.

2. It helps by showing the relationship of each one’s efforts to the overall effectiveness of the team or organization.

3. It creates a sense of community or belonging.

Every one brings different strengths and qualities to the table.  As leaders of our organizations, our success will come from relationships, training and example.  True, attaining that synergy is sometimes like “herding cats” as Jim Rohn once said.  But if you can accomplish it, it’s a beautiful thing.

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