Ten Right and Wrong Things When It Comes to Resumes

With more and more people finding themselves in the unemployment lines, it follows that a good portion of them are dusting off old, or creating new, resumes for a chance to re-enter the workplace.

I came across an article taken from a womens magazine called “More” that detailed 10 specific right and wrong things to consider when preparing your resume for submission.  Here they are, along with some of my comments.

First, the 5 wrong things

1.  Don’t  include personal informationExcept for your volunteer activites, they don’t need to know that stuff.

2.  Don’t make simple spelling mistakes.  Ever hear of spellcheck?

3.  Don’t falsely inflate your resume.  Those reading your resume aren’t that naive.

4.  Don’t use a silly screen name or email address.  Hotchick32@excite.com is certainly not professional

5.  Don’t use the exact same resume for everything.  Customize each submission for maximum effectiveness.

And now the right things to do:

1.  Do use supplements.  Not talking nutritionals here , although they might improve your health – rather, include relevant documentation.

2.  Do use bullet points.  Easier on the eyeballs, true?

3.  Do include relevant experience that covers only the last 10 yrs.  What you did 25 yrs ago may be important to you, but probably not to the hiring firm.

4.  Do quantify your skills.  Numbers count (no pun intended)

5.  Do make sure you have voicemail.  You don’t want to miss a potential employers’ call back.

So there you have it.  If your intention is to get back in the workforce, then these 10 points are worth considering, so that your resume stays on the desk, and out of the wastebasket.

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