Would you like to know the secret to success in network marketing?

No, really??

I was checking out some blogs concerning network marketing recently, and came across a headline that read, The Biggest Discovery in MLM by Todd Falcone.

Having been in the industry for over ten years now has lead to a certain amount of skepticism about so -called “secrets”, but realizing that the industry is constantly evolving, I couldn’t help myself from clicking on the link.

“Hi, my name is Jack Koetting, and I’m a curious network marketer”

“Welcome Jack, we’re glad you’re here.  Our support group meets every Tues nite at 7”

Sorry – a certain vision just popped into my head.  Anyway,  as I was saying,  I went ahead and clicked the link anyway.  Why?  Although some might consider him brash at times, or perhaps a bit over the top, I was fairly certain of a couple of things.  First, it was going to be an interesting read, or in this case, view.  And second, it was going to be something of value.

I wasn’t disappointed.  I won’t tell you whether I already knew what it was or not.  Nor will I tell you what 3 words contained the secret.  I’m afraid you’ll have to go there yourself to find out.   If you do, then come back here and leave a comment.  Also would appreciate you passing it along on Facebook or Twitter.  Thanks.

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