You Gotta Be Stupid To Do That

Read an interesting post today by Kim Klaver in which she detailed that there are actually customers out there that would consider buying a distributor starter pak that have no intention of being a distributor.

“Surely you jest! Why would anyone do something stupid like that?”

Well, as Kim explains, maybe it’s not such a dumb move after all.  For example, 3 reasons why they might make that choice is

1.  Better pricing on a combo pack

2. The chance to try more products from the same company

3. To get enough of a supply that they can really give the product a good trial

It must make enough sense that some network marketing companies are adopting that strategy.

If yours isn’t – maybe it’s time for you to consider putting together your own “customer starter pak”.  Just be sure that it offers value for them.  You may be giving up some retail profit, but perhaps in the long run, you’ll make it up in volume.  And who knows,  one day they may ask you if they can start selling the stuff too.

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